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    ADYAR. The dichotomy was too much for a young Lodge to handle. As co-editor[edit]. 24., p. Secret Doctrine by H.P. They could no longer accept dogma and a faith-must-come-first approach. 1432. The same year, Humphreys founded the London Buddhist Lodge, which later changed its name to the Buddhist Society.[1] The impetus for founding the Lodge came from theosophists with whom Humphreys socialised. Blavatsky, and they were first transcribed by A. The Middle Way.


    Both at his home and at the lodge, he played host for eminent spiritual authors such as Nicholas Roerich and Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, and for prominent Theosophists like Alice Bailey and far Eastern Buddhist authorities like D.T. The title of his autobiographical work, ‘Both Sides of the Circle’ [5] , ‘is not facetious’. Judge's 'Ocean of Theosophy' and 'The Voice of the Silence' make just five volumes. Increasingly he became willing to court controversy by his judicial pronouncements. In 1975 Christmas Humphreys was pleased to have been invited to be present at the Thanksgiving Service in St. S. Blavatsky', with texts restored to their original state before later 'editing'.


    The Tokyo trial: a bibliographic guide to English-language sources. ^ a b c d e Daw, Muriel (February 2016). Christmas Humphreys Christmas Humphreys Born (1901-02-15)15 February 1901 Ealing, Middlesex, England Died 13 April 1983(1983-04-13) (aged82) St John's Wood, London Nationality UK Occupation Barrister; judge; author Yearsactive 19241976 . He was nicknamed: ‘the Gentle Judge’. ‘Both Sides of the Circle’ . Blavatsky in 1875, had grown to be an international movement having its headquarters at Adyar, India, and was at its numerically most significant. Evans-Wentz (foreword), Christmas Humphreys (foreword), Wong Mou-Lam (translator), A F Price (translator) Essays In Zen Buddhism (Third Series) by D. Blavatsky, as we shall see later. and Daisetz Suzuki — an unlikely pair, but there it is! Muriel Daw , Theosophical Society Summer School 1983 .


    Although a split was made, Christmas Humphreys was to maintain a love of Theosophy throughout his life and was to do much to further the work and effort of Mme. He died at his London home, 58 Marlborough Place, St John's Wood.[2]. P. As editor[edit]. It is, however, as a Buddhist, Theosophist, writer, teacher and above all, founder of the British Buddhist Society for which he will be most remembered by many.


    ISBN0-415-00907-3. True, H.P.B. It was heady stuff for a keen young brain in search of a purpose in the life newly begun. He and Elsie Benjamin were Trustees of the Mahatma Letters Trust. Promptly founded by Toby it eventually spread to become the International Federation of Young Theosophists. In the fledgling Buddhist Lodge the tensions between the different schools of thought led to the Lodge seceding from the Theosophical Society in order to be able to carry on with its main work — the spreading of Buddha-Dharma. d23ee43039

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